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The eastern wall illustrates the transport of the royal sarcophagus, set inside a shrine mounted on a sledge, drawn by 12 characters, of whom two are dressed differently from the others, indicating a superior social standing.

InHoward was forced to resign from the antique business because an incident occurred between a few drunken tourists and archaeology site guards. A very fine shabti of Tutankhamen, portrayed holding the heqa-sceptre and the nekhakha-flail, and inscribed with a text from Chapter 6 of the Book of the Dead.

Gold and copper were also found close by. Some people think that King Tutankhamun was murdered. To ensure the continuity of life after death, people paid homage to the gods. There would be several procedures for the deceased body to go through in Egypt.

His death was the year B. He was supplied with a gold dagger and sheath to protect him during his journey to the after-life, and amulets and pieces of jewelry were scattered through the several layers of bandages that wrapped his corpse. A further x-ray and blood analysis in was led by James E.

King Tutankhamun changed his name from Tutankhamun after the second year of his reign. It is not necessary to examine all the contents of the tomb, as this would be a painstakingly long and arduous task. William was considered to be one of the best field archeologists of his time.

When the Burial Chamber of Tutankhamen was officially opened, on 17 Februarythe Antechamber had been emptied. CT scans in showed that the king had an infected broken left leg, while DNA from his mummy revealed evidence of multiple malaria infections, all of which may have contributed to his early death.

If Sais, in the West, was significant for its necropolis, then Sais, like the burial chamber, can represent the departure into the West. A final CT scan in was conducted to test the conclusions of previous inquiries and to look for additional details still undiscovered. Neferiti was the woman that raised him.

Egypt had an abundance of clay and good stone. This was a very important job, especially because Upper Egypt was in the Ancient Thebes area.The Life of King Tutankhamen Essay King Tutankhamen Strayer Tutankhamen’s tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings and is by far the best preserved royal tomb ever discovered.

The tomb, which was thought to be left intact, was believed to be robbed twice. Even though this tomb revealed treasure beyond our imagination, it was modestly. ByDavis had not yet found an intact royal tomb and became disillusioned, finally declaring the area exhausted of Bythe tomb of nearly every New Kingdom king from between and BCE had been found in the Valley of the Kings, but Tutankhamun’s remained missing.

Aug 21,  · Watch video · The tomb’s antechambers were packed to the ceiling with more than 5, artifacts, including furniture, chariots, clothes, weapons and of the lame king’s walking sticks. Tutankhamun’s tomb tells us about life and death of the New Kingdom period in Egypt.

What Does the Tomb of Tutankhamen and It's Contents Show About the Egypt

Howard Carter discovered the tomb in ; it was a very important discovery for our understanding of ancient Egyptian way of life. The Tomb of Tutankhamen Essay - What does the tomb of Tutankhamen and its contents show about the Egyptian concern for the afterlife. Tutakhamen's tomb, and the artifacts inside are an indication of the concern the Ancient Egyptians held.

What does the tomb of tutankhamen and its contents show about the Egyptian concern for the afterlife? Tutakhamen’s tomb, and the artifacts inside are an indication of the concern the Ancient Egyptians held for the after-life of their king.

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The tomb of tutankhamen essay
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