The bittersweet comedy of twelfth night essay

The Twins Viola and her brother, Sebastian, are twins—born about an hour apart—who survive a shipwreck. The title, Twelfth Night, stemmed from the request of Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth I, to attune the performance of the play during a night of rich clothing, and music and dances.

Pompous steward of Olivia who is led to believe that she loves him. Situation Comedy Viola complicates the plot after she disguises herself as a young man, calling herself Cesario, and obtains employment as a page with Duke Orsino.

Twelfth Night referred to the final night of mayhem, revelry, showcase of social and sexual mores, twelve days after Christmas. The second and third requirements are: Retrieved May 19, from http: Olivia may represent the olive tree, famous for its exquisite beauty.

His haughtiness prompts Maria and other servants, as well as Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek, to hatch a plot designed to expose his faults and embarrass him. There is a moment in the scene after both Sir Andrew and Toby enter that was not expected at all, which is when Sir Toby rejects Sir Andrew.

On Love in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

In classical mythology, warriors led in battle in the Trojan War by the Greek hero Achilles. Part of being a romantic comedy, The Twelfth Night also contained an element of the impossible — like the coming to life of Sebastian, whom Viola thought was dead.

Slow dance popular at the court of sovereigns. Antonio the sea captain now ventures onto the scene. But Sebastian is sad, for he believes his twin sister has drowned. In studying The Twelfth Night as a comedy, it is essential to subject it to the six prerequisites that have been established Taflinger, R.

Shakespeare cleverly implements doubt into the audiences mind mere lines before the end of the play leaving us on a cliff-hanger and begs us to ponder again, is this truly a happy ending?

The scenes containing poetry are typically written in unrhymed iambic pentameter. His Greek name was Hephaestus. For this reason, his dark sense of humour in matters involving Malvolio will have most likely been appreciated by people of the Elizabethan era unlike in the present day.

She is smart, resourceful, kind, and loving. Sir Toby Belch is a mug of beer given to burping. Realizing her predicament, Viola says that My master loves her [Olivia] dearly; And I, poor monster, fond as much on him; And she, mistaken, seems to dote on me.

Here is the dialogue in which they engage: The Painful Pleasure of Love If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die. Sometimes rhyming verse often appears in the form of a poem. Repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginning of words or syllables She that hath a heart of that fine frame 1.

Finally, The Twelfth Night has presented a philosophy as in any other mature comedies Shakespeare has staged. In classical mythology, Tartarus was part of Hades hell. He cannot celebrate; he is too pious and self-involved.

February 2 was considered the last day of the Christmas season, Candlemas Day, which celebrated the presentation of the child Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem and the purification of the Virgin Mary. He is highly intelligent and given to clever wordplay that often centers on the folly of human beings.

The prefix Mal- means bad or evil, as in malicious; the suffix -volio means I wish or I desire, from the Latin volo. Greek musician rescued by a dolphin after sailors stole his money and ordered him to jump overboard.

The first prerequisite is for the play to appeal to the intellect than to emotions.

Twelfth Night

Retrieved May 17, from http: Dent and Sons, One may fairly speculate that Sebastian is named after Saint Sebastian, who was ordered killed because he was Christian. If you mean well, Now go with me and with this holy man Into the chantry by: As a Shakespearean comedy, The Twelfth Night moved from a conflict into a resolution, ending in unity and revelry Schwartz, D.

On the other side of the city is the household of Olivia, which balances Orsino and his establishment. Shakespeare partners this rhythm with rhyming couplets often as can be seen when the Duke says: The Twelfth Night happened to be the Roman Saturnalia, a feast where dreams turn real, reversals are in mode — which is, the theme of the play.In summary, the Twelfth Night perfectly satisfied Dr.

Richard Taflinger’s entire requirement for a comedy. The Twelfth Night is a perfect example of Taflinger’s Theory of Comedy as every prerequisite was met and fulfilled. REFERENCES. Knight, C. (). Studies of Shakespeare.

New York: AMS Press, Inc.

Twelfth Night Happy Endings in Comedy

Friedlander, E. (). The Bittersweet Comedy of Twelfth Night Twelfth night is a name commonly given to the Christian feast of the Epiphany which is celebrated on the 6th of January. On this day we remember the coming of the Magi and the taking down of decorations which is a sad occasion for many but also a happy occasion as new times are beginning.

The Twelfth Night Comedy by William Shakespeare Essay Sample

Monday was Twelfth Night, or the Twelfth day of Christmas in the old western church calendar. Advent season is marked by the 4 Sundays and weeks before Christmas Day, and the “Twelve Days of Christmas” run from December 26th. Apr 24,  · The Twelfth Night, perhaps one of my most favorite plays, is a fantastic comedy that Shakespeare wrote to explore life's greatest emotions, love, loss, and laughter.

This paper will discuss the plot of the play, as well as the genre. Twelfth Night Essay In the play of Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare shows us many themes. One of them is about the nature of love.

Twelfth Night Critical Essays

One of them is about the nature of love. He displays this with three types of love: love of self, using the character Malvolio, unselfish love, using the character Antonio, and unrequited love, using the character Orsino. The Twelfth Night Comedy by William Shakespeare Essay Sample The Twelfth Night is a comedy written by William Shakespeare and was set in an island across the Adriatic called the Illyria.

The main characters are Viola, Sebastian, Orsino and Olivia.

The bittersweet comedy of twelfth night essay
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