Synchronized skating

They will be working hard and learning a lot while they are here. There will be a demonstration for parents on Saturday afternoon. For more Synchronized skating descriptions and information, please refer to the edition of the ISI Handbook. With the passage of each season, more teams began to develop more creative and innovative routines incorporating stronger skating skills, new maneuvers with sophisticated transitions performed with greater speed, style and agility.

Public Skating

Skaters must be under 13 and have passed the pre-juvenile moves in the field test. In the s, although not currently an Olympic Sport, fans and participants of this fast growing discipline have begun to strive for recognition by the rest of the skating and athletic world.

Does the skater project to the entire audience and arena? Each spoke line of the wheel should be straight and the skaters should be leaning into the center of the wheel.

Skaters must be at least 15 years old and have passed the junior moves in the field test. Teams can focus on a particular type of dance, such as tap, ballet, jazz — or including folk dances from various countries of the world.

Figure Skating Dresses

Inthe WSSCs were held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and the home team really blew everyone away with their exciting and perfectly executed routine. We stay in dorm rooms that hold anywhere between skaters.

Synchronized Skating Teams

All skaters must try on, and submit all jacket, pant, and t-shirt sizing. ISI synchronized events are now divided into 5 categories: Canada and Russia are the only other two countries to take the top spot on the podium.

Skaters must be at least 13 years old and under Each grade of execution, or GOE, corresponds to a point value. More than teams register and compete in the U.

Not one competitor put a single toepick out of line. The team's program is choreographed to music that allows incorporating the required formations - for example:The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (WSSC) are the world championships for the sport of synchronized skating.

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Every year, groups of skaters take the ice to put on a captivating ice dancing routine that could win them the coveted WSSC championship title. What is Synchronized Skating? There are so many benefits to participating in a team sport, and synchronized skating is a great way for skaters to compete while enjoying all of the aspects of working with others in a team-oriented sport.

Synchronized skating is a popular discipline both within U.S. Figure Skating and around the world. U.S. Figure Skating held the first U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in and also hosted the first World Synchronized Skating Championships in Matrix Synchronized Skating Soakers Team Players love these soft double lined soakers, team logo and embroidered name on both soakrs.

Synchronized Skating

These soakers are well padded to adsorb moisture and protect your blade from rust and corrosion. 12th Annual Diamond Classic Synchronized Skating Competition NovemberThe 12th Annual Diamond Classic Synchronized Skating Competition will be held Novemberat the Mentor Civic Ice Arena, Munson Rd., Mentor, Ohio Synchronized skating, the fastest growing component of figure skating, takes the grace of ballet, the elegance of ice dancing, and the beauty of pairs skating, and combines the elements into an .

Synchronized skating
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